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we offer all electrical services 

  • usb sockets and products

  • led lighting with automation

  • fixing chandeliers and light fixtures

  • full rewiring 

  • smart home 

  • outdoor lighting 

  • car electric chargers

  • hive thermostat  

and much more 

we offer a next day service at no extra cost for any minor works and a max 2 day wait time for major works like rewiring  


fully certified engineers offering the best of the nest products and advice to ensure you are safe and have best products to suit your needs.

why chose us for your home, business and events 

Ten reasons why you should should sunny b ltd as your comericail and domestic partner 

  1. Experience over 4 years 

  2. best products and service 

  3. suit your budget 

  4. 24 hour support and maintenance 

  5. 18 month equipment guarantee

  6. easy to use interface 

  7. Professional work

  8. Excellent customer service and feedback

  9. view cameras anywhere 

  10. finance available 

Visit products page for more info

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