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TCF Domestic & Commercial Burglar Alarm Package

TCF Alarm Systems are not just any old alarm systems. Our award-winning alarm system is the best choice for your home or business.

There are no monthly fees involved, and you have full control of your own system, which means you receive trigger alerts when an intrusion is detected, get live updates, and manage your new system from our free, user-friendly, downloadable app.

We do offer additional 24/7 Monitoring and Guard Service as an optional extra that caters to our clients who want extra peace of mind. Our monitoring station receives all alerts within 20 seconds, much faster than competitors. Depending on the optional extra package chosen, we also offer guard service, which means we will send our hand-picked professional guards to your property to secure the location if you are not able to attend, giving you full peace of mind when opting for our special security packages.

Our systems smash it out of the park every time, offering cool features that our competitors don't offer. Our deterrent sirens are some of the loudest you will ever hear and have a unique noise to maximise deterrent safety. Another cool feature is that all our alarm products have heat sensors built in; this displays room temperatures in your app. Along with this, our alarm system offers many other cool features. We can tailor the system to your needs, offering home automation, existing security integration, and much more.

This entry level package comes with six key components, designed to work in harmony to give you an outstanding level of security in key areas of your home.​

  • TCF - 1 x Smart Home Hub with Bluetooth disarm

  • TCF - 1 x Outdoor Deterrent siren with flashing LED lights

  • TCF - 1 x Indoor Deterrent siren with flashing LED

  • TCF - 1 x Wireless door contact

  • TCF - 2 x PIR motion sensors

  • TCF - 2 x Keyfobs 

  • TCF - Smart Control app

  • Professionally Supplied & installed

  • Optional extra Special security services including 24/7 Monitoring/ Guard service by our dedicated monitoring station

  • Perfect for homes and families of all sizes – invest in extra PIR sensors, door contacts & much more to create up to 64 zones with 48 different user codes custom and catered to you

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